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Here IOA AI1 welcomes you.

What is IOA AI 1

The name of the basic unit of the technology invented to decontaminate the planet's atmosphere: Infpneumatic Ionizer IOA and from which your company takes its name and assigns it a place in the geo-referenced space AI1.

We founded our company with a bio-architectural sense, to enter the aerospace era with a contribution to the habitable space on earth, and thus be able to self-generate our journey through the universe with a friendly sense.



Quintero -Chile

We are here to show you the development, progress and needs that we have in our project.

With our services, we are currently looking to raise funds for the needs of the prototyping of IOA AI1 units. We also need material technology, specifically, graphene in elastic band and information related to production equivalences, in terms of the performance of one ton of CO2 for the manufacture of graphene.

What can we do for you?

IOAai1 is working to decontaminate planet earth. Our technological project began in 2017 when IOA ai1spa was configure as a legal company in Chile. Without having yet the opportunity to prototyping on scales that allow us to calculate efficiency, we focus on patenting the inventive procedure, a patent granted this year 2021 by Inapi Chile, with the purpose of decontaminating the city of Quintero and its bay.

What can you do for us?

Contact us

telephone  Latin Spanish :  56 932701768

Address :     Av Bernardo O'Higgins 675,
Quintero - Chile

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