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Atmospheric decontamination platform

Infoneumatic platform for environmental decontamination  PINDD

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I invented an infopneumatic structure system, integrated and synchronized for the process of diffusion by ionization, to purify air and water.
The platform counts with georeferenced static and aerostatic pneumatic unities that absorb and isolate contaminating particles, in an interior sensitized ionization pneumatic chamber, that works with a synchronized and georeferenced inspiration and expiration system.

IOAai1 Sat_edited.jpg

2-  Satellite georeferencing scheme

The infopneumatic system, has the characteristic, that achieves with its compounds (chamber, suction and expire valves, sensors, electric supplied ionizer), that allows an either air or water internal flow when sucking  and absorb smog, Co2, particulate material Mp 2.5 Mp 10. Then, it sets the ionized cleaned and purified air free, accumulating the particles by decantation at the bottom of the chamber, decontamination unity, to the later treatment of the toxic residues accumulated in its diffusion, obtaining this way, an environmental decontamination cycle at a hydrosphere, troposphere and stratosphere level. Each unity contains chambers to absorb the airflow; Co2, smog and particles, and it´s synchronized electronically, with internal sensors of pressure difference and monitored air quality.


3 -  IOAai1Scheme of an IOAai1 and its diffusion stage

The sensors in the chambers send signals to its receptor station, that is programed to synchronize the in and out air/water valves, from and towards the interior pneumatic chamber, where the electric ionizer is located. A voltage multiplier purifies the fluid. 
Our business model is to sell associated with the aerospatial private industry, and most contaminated countries, with the propose of building a decontamination megaproject that self’s validate simultaneously in the physical and the virtual world of metaverse, by the hand of our movie project:  “The white of immersion.”

Figura 4.png

4 -  Motorization of a little IOAai1 of the decontamination platform

 With an invention patent conceded this 2021, the decontamination platform, in its slow development, it has been potentiated with graphene appearance, a material with which we will generate a circular economy, by occupying the captured Co2 in association with other innovations to reinvent us.

We need financial contributions.

Contact us : Victor Lennon

Thanks beforehand for your time.
IOAai 1
Bernardo O, Higgins 675 –Quintero
Valparaíso Region - Chile

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